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Intel Core i9 9900K – Intel’s Answer to RYZEN is here!

This is the MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC

MSI has kind of rebranded doing away with the long naming of the MSI Pro Gaming, MSI Arsenal Gaming, and MSI Enthusiasts gaming shifting to an easier acronym focus of MPG, MAG and MEG. This large change has caused a bit of confusion with the community, so much so that MSI actually released explanations of what the acronyms mean. But that being said we do have an MPG board here today in the MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC. This board is more fo a middle of the road model not necessarily in the top tier but more in the premier mainstream lineup in my opinion.

The board has a clean overall aesthetic without any major covers or shields on the board with the exception of a stylized PCH heatsink with a reflective foil type application and the larger and equally angular left side VRM sink. This heatsink is monstrous and I can attest that testing thus far it definitely does its job as when being pushed hard these things can get pretty warm, so needless to say I’m glad they have some good surface area to sap away heat.

Another point to mention is the fact that MSI took into consideration heatsink fitment as the heatsinks while large seem to have the proper keep out zones to ensure that most any cooler should fit with little to no issues.

I did find some interesting RGB related features on the MSI such as

  • Corsair RGB port

That’s right for those who like myself have something like a commander pro or other corsair RGB enabled devices, it looks like there’s a built on port at the top right of the board and I look forward to seeing how Corsair collaborated and to what extent we can expect to sync with MSI and Corsair gear.


We will soon after this review have a full overview of the features and performance of the MPG Z390 EDGE AC board and we look forward to providing to you what we find possible with this new Gaming board from MSI.

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  1. So you need yet another mb with a new, re-cooked intel only chipset… MMmmmm NO. Ive for the first gen AMD and I can put in after a new bios the 2nd gen core/16 thread ryzen and then I can put in the 3rd gen die shrink and speed up ryzen. So pass. For what Intel are charging you can buy the ryzen, mb and memory. And did you see the power and thermals needed once you go past 4.0ghz! Well my amd is sweet at 4 and Im happy ~ intel can again go broke as they have learnt nothing!

    • You do not need a new motherboard. The Z370 or other 300 series chipset will work just fine with it… We would recommend a newer 390 based board for pushing the limits of the 9900K though.

  2. 1. why are reviewers running super pi on this multicore chip? 2. why are we still doing single core benchmarks on workstation “like” chips? 3. all the benchmarks software ran on this chip favor and are written for intel. 4. you did not even attempt to put a TR 10 core in the mix. 5. this chip is not a ground up chip. 6. some of the conclusions to the review, i agree with.

    • The review clearly states the feelings toward the “value proposition” of the 9900K as far as the benchmarks being Intel focused, this is a complete fallacy. These benchmarks are static vendor agnostic ways of interpreting IPC performance differences. There is no 10 core TR chip… and I see no point comparing a HEDT platform to a mainstream platform, that simply doesn’t make sense.

      Either way you look at it, the introduction of the 9900K has actually helped more than hurt AMD.

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