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Björn’s 3D World was started in the end of 1996 when Björn Tidal (now Björn Endre) bought his first 3D card – a Creative 3D Blaster PCI – powered by a Rendition V1000 chip. He got instantly hooked on 3D graphics and realized that there weren’t many Rendition fan-sites around.

Since then the whole 3D industry has moved forward in giant leaps. In the middle of 1999 he and his friend Scott Sherman decided to switch focus from Rendition to NVIDIA, a company that had proven to deliver new products in a steady stream. In 2003 Björn and Scott decided to cover not only NVIDIA but also ATI and other companies products and have since made Bjorn3D a site where you will find news and reviews not only from graphics cards but from all kind of computer hardware and software.

During all these years Bjorn 3D has managed to build up a good relationship with many hardware and software companies and the site has earned the respect among both normal users and people in the 3D industry.

The aim with the web-site is to continue to give you interesting computer news as well as bringing you articles, reviews and previews.

Björn and the highly capable staff at continuously strive to bring the best in hands on reviews and previews to our readers.


  1. It’s idiotic on your part to take away part of my computer screen to put a banner for a newsletter that stays there all the time.
    Do you use your head or are you just stupid by nature?
    Your site has just been removed permanently because if you don’t know good manners and don’t have brains your reviews are most likely useless.

  2. Såg att du va intresserad av byte från iPhone till Nexus 6. Stämmer det fortfarande?

    mvh Kalle

  3. RubbishEmailAddress

    I can’t believe your programmers are so stupid as to put up a subscription notice on your website that never goes away. Click on the “never see this again” and on the next page it is displayed again. Do you not want readers or did your programmers not bother to test how annoying it is using Thunderbird as an RSS reader. Clearly you need adverts to pay for your work but you don’t need to display stupid and pointless pop-up.

    • I am sorry for that. I was preparing a plugin to add a mailchimp signup form in a small box in the sidebar and did not notice it had a popup-feature that was turned on. It has been turned off since I also do not like that.

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