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Geforce Now and the Apple Mac Book Pro (M1 Pro) – a match made in heaven?

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While there are many ways to play games remotely Nvidia has opted to do things a bit different with GeForce Now. Instead of getting access to a bunch of games for a monthly fee, like you get via Microsoft Gamepass and xCloud gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now basically gives you access to your own “computer” with a modern Nvidia graphics card and allows you to play your own games there.

I’ve subscribed for some time but never really used it, so I was a bit curious what the status is now for GeForce Now and more importantly, how well it works on my new work computer, an Apple Mac Book Pro with the M1 Pro-chipset.

Nvidia  GeForce Now – the basics

Very simply put GeForce Now allows you to access a “computer” running on a server in a datacenter in one of many locations around the world.

There are several ties or Nvidia Geforce Now.



  • Basic rig

  • up to 1080p, 60 fps

  • Standard access to servers

  • 1 hour session


50$ 6 months

  • Premium rig , RTX On

  • up to 1080p, 60 fps

  • Priority access to premium servers

  • 6 hour sessions


20 $/ month, 100$ 6 months

  • RTX 3080-rig

  • Up to 1440p at 120 fps (PC/Mac), 1600p even available on new Mac Book Pro

  • Up to 4K HDR on Nvidia Shield

  • 8 hour session length

The exact hardware is dependent on which tier (see below) you are running but it looks right now that the standard and premium tier runs a Nvidia Tesla T10 and Intel CC150 CPU while the RTX380 tier is running the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX CPUs and Nvidia A10G GPU.

The game is run on the server and then the image streamed to you. Any inputs are communicated back to the server. There are some fancy AI being used for the streaming, especially if you are using a Nvidia card locally but otherwise GeForce Now works on a wide variety of devices including phones, tablets and even some TV’s.

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