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Video Cards/Graphics Cards

Overclocking with MSI Afterburner

Here is a guide that shows you how to overclock your video cards with MSI Afterburner.

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Leadtek GT 220

Need a small low platform video card for your HTPC? Look no further than the Leadtek GT220! This card will satisfy all your HTPC needs as well as some minor gaming!

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Gigabyte GV-N26SO-896I

Gigabyte’s latest SuperOverclock series graphic cards features cherry picked GPUs with 2oz copper, low RDS MOSFET, ferrite chokes, and solid capacitors. As a result, we get a highly overclocked with lower power consumption and cooler operation temperature. Let’s check it out as we puts the GV-N26SO-860i from Gigabyte to the …

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Gigabyte 9800 GT Silent Cell

  When you cant stand any noise coming from your computer, it can be hard to find a card that suits your needs. Every high end card no a days has a loud fan, but not this one.

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Leadtek Winfast PxVC1100

If you have the need to transcode a large volume of high definition contents, you must check out the Leadtek’s Winfast PxVC1100. It uses Toshiba’s SpursEngine to assist high definition transcoding and also enhances the video images. We put it against a Core 2 Quad processor running at 3.0GHz and …

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