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Crucial Ballistix Elite 2 x 8GB (16GB) DDR4 (15-16-16-35) #BLE8G4D30AEEA

Overclocking & CPU-Z

Here’s a shot of the RAM kit running at 15-15-15-35 at 3000MHz, the stock speed the kit is rated to run at, with our tighter timings applied. As you can see, Crucial has listed 10 JEDEC which¬†M.O.D. displayed for us and it’s nice to see a company that displays the entire JEDEC set the RAM has been tested at.

Here’s a 2M run of SuperPi with the 3000MHz speed and 15-15-15-35 settings we tested. We ran everything from Sisoft Sandra to Cinebench and had absolutely no problems with this timing and speed. If we had to change other voltage or chipset settings we would not have run the testing with this kit but since it was plug and play with manual settings at 15-15-15-35, why not take advantage of a more expensive kit’s timings?

Here’s our modest OC of 200MHz taking the kit to 3200MHz at 15-15-15-35 and it was clear with increased voltages and looser timings the kit would go higher. With RAM we like to run a balance of tighter timings and a decent OC and our efforts got us a nice little boost in SuperPI scores. SuperPi is a game of split seconds and we got a split second decrease in benchmark runs going from 3000 to 3200MHz so we are satisfied this is a productive OC.

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