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Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB SSD Review, Raw Savage Speed (SHSS3B7A/240G)

External Enclosure Testing



We tried a couple of machines and ran dozens of tests but a lot of the benchmark programs just didn’t like the External enclosure much. We had already tested the SSD itself and it’s the testing programs or the External enclosure bottlenecking the speed here. Best read 228.87 MB/s write hit 237,09 in AS SSD.



ATTO topped out the read at 424.164 MB/s and the Wrote at 405.841 MB/s on the external enclosure.



CrystalDiskMark the 512K test hit 398.8 MB/s write and 350 MB/s read. Pretty fast for an external USB 3.0 connection but not the best we’ve seen but it’s in the average to good external enclosure range.

Disk Thruput Tester


Sequential Write hits 319.9 MB/s in Disk Thruput Tester and Sequential read hits 262.2 MB/s while random access strikes at 151.9 MB/s. Plenty fast enough even for an Office on the Go situation.

Hard Drive Tune Pro


Hard Drive Tune Pro Hard disk and SSD utility probably needs to add “And USB Drive Utility” to its name and it sees the Minimum and Maximum as lower than the average so we are going to administer a breathalyzer to Hard Drive Tune and not use this test in the scoring. It is provided as informational only not for scoring.


Extra tests in HDT are a little more believable and top end transfer speed is 388.323 MB/s with 96 IOPS.


HDT Random Read topped out at 343.385 MB/s with 343 IOPS. Lowest speed was with 512 bytes with 5024 IOPS.

HDTune_USB_Info‘The HDT Info utility shows smart enabled, firmware upgradable, advanced power management and Trim so lets take a look at CrystalDIskMark info.



We aren’t sure what to make of it yet but we hammered this drive pretty good in testing. The Blue button says good for health status but look at the Crucial OS drives status. The Crucial MX100 is our normal operating system drive and this is in no way a comparison to the Kingston drive. The MX100 has a much shorter life cycle than the Kingston Savage and is rated at like 72TB Total Bytes Written while the Kingston drive comes in at 306TB Total Bytes written and TBW is generally how vendors rate drives total life span. By that rating we will go through over 4 MX100’s and the Savage should still be kicking.


Notice the Crucial drive says 100% good while the Kingston drive just says good. Maybe we hammered the Kingston drive a few too many tests or possibly it just reads differently. We’ll send the photo over to Kingston for them to take a look at and get back to you. Most likely the benchmark hammering took it to 99.9%, we are good that way. We reached out to Kingston and the CrystalDiskMark Info program is looking at the wrong attribute, the Savage drive is still at 100% health and the Kingston team is reviewing the translation error CDM has with the drive.


KINGSTON SHSS37A240G USB Device_240GB_1GB-20150423-1208_USB

Anvil shows a max write of 366.1MB/s with 91.53 IOPS on sequential 4MB scoring a 1482.44 overall score.


USB Flash Benchmark topped the drive read and write-up in the 230 MB/s range and droped it down the 3(ish)MB/s when it got down to invisibly small measurements. How long can a 1KB write take and how many of those is a normal end-user going to do sequentially. That might be a concern for a server jockey or a database administrator but we don’t put a lot of stock into infinitesimally small read and write blocks.

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