Western Digital Black NVMe – WD’s Acquisition of Sandisk Made This Possible

A Closer Look

The Western Digital Black NVMe 1TB SSD is in a standard package as you would expect and quite small honestly which is about standard fare for M.2 drives, while some have now relegated their drives to blister packs. WD foregoes the external blister for a standard boxed design. Let’s face it nobody cares about the box, its what is inside that really needs the attention.

The drive is held inside the box with a clamshell style plastic but much less of a hassle than standard clamshells of you cutting it, it inadvertently cutting you and the other issues that come from this. You simply slide it out of the box and pull the encasement apart.

The drive comes with standard documents covering the basics of the drive and warranty.

The WD NVMe M.2 is a 2280 form factor which means 22mm width by 80mm long so it should fit most every motherboard and notebook nowadays.

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