Western Digital Black NVMe – WD’s Acquisition of Sandisk Made This Possible

Final Thoughts

The day of the mechanical HDD has been long touted as coming to an end. With one of the original behemoth in the HDD market Western Digital now adopting flash-based media readily and in massive volume with the amazing performance like we saw today, it looks like times are changing. This is a great time for us PC users as this simply means better overall performance and a much more fluid everyday experience from your rigs. If you have not used an SSD at this point I must insist try one, even a smaller one for your OS and it will change the way you work and play every day.

The WD Black we have in front of us is one hell of a performer and with Western Digital offers a virtually similar drive with the Sandisk Extreme Pro more targeted at professional/prosumer while the Black NVMe is targeted more at users like me who do a lot of gaming, I simply cannot see a future where Western Digital will not be a dominant force in the storage industry even as larger scale enterprise clients shift away from their mechanical media.

The price on the WD black coming it at  as of the time of writing at $289.99, it is hard to argue that this is an amazing storage volume that could likely fit the needs of many gamers who want a simple to use single storage drive system and being M.2 it has no cables.
The WD Black NVMe offers ludicrous speed at a reasonable value and it easily struts away with a Bjorn3D Golden Bear award… To put it in simpler terms,  this drive simply kicks ass.


Pros Cons
  • Price
  • Custom in-house designed hardware
  • 1TB Capacity
  • Insanely High Speed
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Some older systems will need an upgrade to support booting NVMe

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