EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC SweetSpot Plus Style

EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC Closer Look



On the outside the EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC looks like a lot of other Maxwell GPU’s but often it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Whats on the inside you ask? Incredible performance, Maxwell technology, power efficiency and Directx 12 capabilities.


The dual fan ACX 2.0+ technology means the fans will completely stop when the GPU is under 60″C. While we are the subject of fans lets talk Overclock, the power your fans use are included in the Maximum Target Power, lower fan power consumption means more power to OC and still stay under the Maximum Target Power Consumption.


We’ve had hands on a few GTX 960’s and the dual slot on this one is a more open design, a lot more open, with less restrictions to the airflow coming out more heat exhausts and you get more effective cooling, if you ask us this is a long neglected small feature that should be adopted industry wide quickly, Kudos EVGA. Connector wise we have 3 Display port, one HDMI and one DVI.


The back of the card shows the single SLI connector for Dual SLI capability, you can always stick a third older GPU in there to offload the physics to but as far as SLI you can have two of the EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC in SLI. Truthfully we’ve run a lot of SLI and after two GPU’s you gets decreasing return, hit 4 GPU;s and the return decreases even farther. two run and scale pretty well go past that and your eating performance dollars.


You get a peek at the single 6 pin connector providing 6 phase +2 power to the Evga GTX 960 SuperSC. The three straight heatpipes show out the end of the card. Now that we’ve had a look at the skirt of this beauty lets strip it naked and void some warranties.


Cards from generations past were covered in scattered Capacitors and Mosfets seemingly randomly placed. The GTX 960 eliminates all that clutter and they chip capacitor layout actually makes sense. Notice the Mosfets above the bank of capacitors, well EVGA came up with an idea a lot of us have been modding on and provide you with MMCP or Memory Mosfet Cooling plates no need to strip the card and put heatsinks on the Mosfets, EVGA has you covered. For those of you wondering what we are talking about, way back in GPU evolution Nvidia came out with an 8800GT kind of like the 960 here. Mine was a decent overclocker but given the short GPU evolution cycles a lot of us yanked the hood and used thermal glue to paste heatsinks all over. You’d get 70 – 100 MHz more overclock because of the crudity and spend 20 bucks plus shipping for sinks and thermal glue. Sometimes you have to dremel heatsinks to fit and spend hours lapping inferior heatsinks. EVGA steals all that joy from you and provides MMCP to do the same job at no additional cost.


For years here at the Bjorn3D lab we wondered what would happen if you avoided all the twists and turns of traditional GPU heatpipes, We weren’t wondering in vain! Turns out straighten those heatpipes, use dual ball bearing on the fans, increase the efficiency and you get a 6% cooler GPU.

Review Overview

Value - 9.5
Performance - 9
Quality - 9.5
Features - 9.5
Innovation - 9.5


The EVGA GTX 960 has that kind of quiet style of an era gone by. Instead of a Bikini cowling with flimsy plastic it sports a full cowling and under that cowling it packs a plethora of technology.

User Rating: 2.76 ( 4 votes)

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  1. I hate it when amateur overclockers are worried about the lifespan of their card, and are afraid to adjust the voltage….
    Good for you the 8800gt is still alive.. now go play doom with it

    • Actually we get paid to OC and to OV equipment and we do it very well making us the professional OCers. You on the other hand have no world records and don’t get paid making you the rank amateur. OCing is for when you need that boost, and yes there is a trend to 24/7 OCing and there are also reports of 24/7 overclockers experiencing twice the failure rate of equipment of moderate use overclockers. Then the Overvolters like you try and foist your burnt up trash on innocent people on Ebay. My XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog sold for $100 all these years later and the guy Running SLI 8800GT retro SLI will enjoy his vintage rig for years. Haven’t you heard bro Old is gold, well except in your case old is just trash.

      • Zomg. This is the best response I’ve seen on a review ever. A lengthy review and all he could do was whine about OV. As to the 8800, pretty sure there’s someone in this house playing WoW on one.

  2. Enjoyed your review. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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