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Asus X99 Deluxe Redux, Battle Of the BIOS!

Final Thoughts & Conclusions

Flashing BIOS isn’t something not to be taken lightly and done improperly can soft brick a motherboard but it’s not something you should ignore and accept as updated out of the box. Bios revisions mature over time and generally unless we are retesting a board we wait 3 or 4 revisions then flash the BIOS to the new version.

When it comes to BIOS Asus is hard to beat they pay close attention to BIOS and needed revisions closely and act quickly to fix any BIOS problems quick. Even minor BIOS issues are treated with the same urgency as large revisions.

As for the Asus X99 Deluxe Motherboard our previous award stands.


Now dealing with the BIOS revision to 1401 we were satisfied with the performance gains and more stable OCing and voltage controls. Testing 0505 the first release BIOS showed us the care Asus takes in it’s early BIOS release testing. Eight BIOS generations later and BIOS revision 1401 shows us performance gains albeit though small ones. Many of the improvements are behind the scenes revisions like minor voltage control issues and even simple mis-spellings in BIOS itself. Some go to revamping screens and how things are displayed. Days gone by BIOS was a arrow through, hit a couple of cryptic keys to change values and F10 to save and exit. Now BIOS on top boards is a fully mouse-able GUI (graphic users interface) of it’s own and as the complexities grow revisions become more important.

As for BIOS revision 1401.


The added stability and more stable OCing performance shows us as an Asus board matures so does it BIOS correcting minor errors and garnering a little performance increase from increases inefficiencies.

Please note the testing done for this article was done independently of the previous article. In this article both sets of tests on the BIOS were run specifically for this review and the results of the two reviews benchmark score wise are completely different and done on different review machines.
Original Asus X99 Review

These Pros and Cons are for the BIOS revision 1401 only

  • Better Stability
  • Slight Performance Gains
  • Improved OCing
  • None

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