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The King is Dead, Long Live the King! – Ryzen 3900X & Ryzen 3700X Review

For Gaming benchmarks, We chose to consolidate to key newer titles and place them on to targeted pages for easier navigation and less work for you to find what you need. Below are all gaming showing how these parts stack up. Please keep in mind that all systems are running a stock Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a newer game and is simply beautiful. It should be a worthy stress test and a validation point for newer GPUs. It is also worth mentioning if you didn’t catch it on the list, but it will be employing some of the new RTX card features soon which means it will look even better!

Here we see that all of the platforms are locked at the exact same performance of 113FPS. I ran each test 3 times minimum and the score did not change, this was a bit freaky and goes to show that a much cheaper 3700X could deliver similar gaming performance to a much more expensive part.


Far Cry has been a great series of games and the newest takes on a cult-like group in the rural USA. This entry into the Far Cry franchise has some great visuals and can definitely put your GPU to work being a much newer game.

Far Cry we see the 9900K finally come to life leading both Ryzen chips with 10 FPS over the 3900X and 12 over the 3700X.


Ashes of the singularity


Ashes of the singularity technically should be in the synthetic benchmark page at this point as I think it has become the running joke in the reviewer circles as being basically the only game that nobody ever plays but is always benchmarked.

That being said, the Ryzen parts have a strong showing but are slightly edged out on the CPU based test. Switching to a GPU focused test and the script flips as the Ryzen parts now lead the run with a 1FPS lead which is marginal at best.



Civilization VI AI Benchmark

Civilization VI is a great game turn based and it can be very long and methodical. This may raise the question of how this is a proper benchmark, but as it has an AI benchmark which measures your systems speed at processing turns in the game it suddenly becomes clear why we chose it.

here you can see that even with the massively higher clock speed of the 9900K the Ryzen parts still pull off a quicker turn time.


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