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The King is Dead, Long Live the King! – Ryzen 3900X & Ryzen 3700X Review


3DMark is a repeatable synthetic benchmark which can show a representation of expected gaming level performance for your system and you can compare with others using similar hardware to see how well your rig stacks up.

3DMark is a UL Benchmark and if you would like to try it out on your rig, you can pick it up here! 3DMark Download


3DMark Firestrike shows us similar scaling while the pack tightens up in the ultra test, anything below that 4K test has an expanding gap separating the 9900K from the leading Ryzen parts.



Time Spy being a DX12 benchmark makes for some interesting results as the 9900K comes back to life on the CPU test and does a good job of pulling a decent lead over the 3700X but with no hope of catching the 3900X. It’s nice to see the 9900K wake up finally but I am admittedly disappointed as I expected more fight than this from the flagship mainstream Intel CPU.


PCMark 10

PCMark 10 is a popular benchmark form UL and gives a great repeatable measure on multiple aspects of normal PC Usage. If you would like to check out PCMark on your system give it a try here! PCMark 10 Download

PCMark shows more of the same with Ryzen leading and the 9900K picking up the rear. The only test which the 9900K pulled ahead of the 3700X is in the digital content creation test, otherwise, it is utterly outpaced in these tests.

Next up is the gaming benchmarks where you see how each platform compares in actual gameplay not just prepared synthetics.

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