Tuesday , 24 November 2020

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition Review – Turing at $599

Grid Autosport is an awesome aging racer much like Dirt above although this is all track in high-performance road and race vehicles.

This “classic” title shows some of the raw rasterization performance of the GPUs and even at 4K the 2070 pulls very playable results at over 87FPS minimum and over 100 average. once you drop the resolution to 1440p supposedly the 2070 sweet spot we see it wake up a bit and deliverable very similar performance to all of the other cards in the stack.


Batman games have always been in our benchmark suite and I just can’t let them go. They usually have a very good story and tons of cool graphics and effects. Albeit there have been some less than great launches in its history I feel this title has become well polished over its tenure.

More of the same here in Batman where the 2070 is a bit behind the contenders at 4K (10% behind 1080 Ti) but edges into their territory and definitely closing the gap as we get to 1440p (6%) and then 1080p it take a hit as everything levels out again and it drops back to 10% .

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