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Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition Review – Turing at $599

Final Thoughts

Now I find myself in an all too familiar position where I have to make an objective unbiased view of the card based on my experience.

The 2070 is a powerful card and if you look at value based on what previous gen cards launched at 1080 which this is slightly better than, then we can say its not a bad deal but we must assess it as the XX70 model that it is which means we must consider the 1070 MSRP/Launch price of $379. At 599.99 for the founders edition, it’s rough, going for the base model it drops to 499.99 but with that, the performance is unknown until we get hands-on time with one.

The second-hand market I know has really been the buzz since original RTX price announcement and launch. Yes, you can buy a 2nd hand 1080 or 1080 Ti and maybe even match this price and get some great performance with it. But it is worth noting that when DLSS becomes a thing and RTX/DXR starts showing up then you will have to make the investment to get them anyways. The problem we have is the RTX product launched with no supporting tech at this time which makes it a hard sell for most users as buying an RTX now is betting on the fact that RTX and DLSS will be a thing and soon. Otherwise, if the next GPU generation comes along by the time DLSS and RTX catch on, this could mean you invested in the tech and will want to upgrade again for the latest and greatest as well.

With Nvidias capabilities and relationships and just what I have seen accomplished, I believe we can easily see many games supporting the new tech within this 20 series generation. But some of does have to be taken on faith and also make sure the games you play will support them otherwise you would have to look at the pure rasterization needs and make a decision based on your performance preference.

The performance is solid as you saw before easily beating what I have seen 1080’s do and in some cases even catching up to a 1080 Ti. But at this performance level and what I have seen as far as gains for the money, the 2070 is a pretty hard sell as you would purely have to bank on the fact of being the lowest cost of entry to the RTX/DLSS features.

Nvidia once again made a solid GPU with some awesome performance potential, but someone needs to light a fire under game devs to start getting titles out that will make these cards fly.




Pros Cons
  • GDDR6
  • Dual Axial fan cooler
  • Quiet operation even under sustained load
  • DLSS performance is excellent
  • RTX effects are awesome
  • Solid build quality
  • VirtualLink ready
  • New technologies do not guarantee adoption
  • power limit is quite low
  • Price is rough without RTX content to support it

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