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Cooler Master MasterCase 5 With Freeform Modular System

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We had high expectations for the Master Case 5 and Cooler Master didn’t let us down. The Master Case 5 and Master Case Pro are probably the most well thought outAward_Gold and correctly engineered cases we have seen to date. Every place we had to run a wire there was a cutout or a rubber grommet to pass them through. At no time did we have to search for wire paths or fight the wires behind the motherboard tray to keep from warping the door to get it closed.

The back of the motherboard tray was a joy to run wires around back there. Cooler Master is the first company that we’ve seen that left enough room behind the motherboard tray to run a round 24 pin mainboard connector without having to smash and wire tie it until it looked like mutant wire ties attacked the cabling. In some spots we found as much as an inch of space back there to run the wiring. Then low and behold there were three built-in Velcro straps pre-positioned in the perfect spots. To achieve our wiring job which includes a Cold Cathode Ray tube kit with a rear on and off switch we spent maybe 45 minutes total. On your average run of the mill chassis we’ve spent as much as 3 or 4 hours tinkering with the wires. The Master Case 5 does away with all that wire tinkering and hiding, the wires have plentiful cutouts and the cutouts are in the correct spots.

The modularity of the system is brain bending at first, we found ourselves trying to work around components of the chassis as if they were stationary then had that dohhh moment and moved or removed the troublesome component wired the board then replaced the modular components.

The style and features the case offer are second to none and you’ll find that the case itself does most of the work for you. THe airflow is front to back and it’s refreshing to see a side window without a fan. The front to rear air flow work with the Dual Radiator AIO kit and the front to back air flow is nice and strong then the heat rising to the top of the case is evacuated by the radiator fans while the interior stays nice and cool.


The Master Case 5 series gives you choices and modularity like no other case ever designed. You can take the Master Case 5 and add-on a kit later to defer some of the costs or just for a new component you hadn’t planned on originally. The additional expense of the modular parts might set some people back but for a case this well designed they are a worthwhile investment. If you want to go whole hog all at once you can hook up with the Master Case Pro 5 and have most of the goodies right at your finger tips.

If you are looking for a case to customize for yourself without all that complicated modding and the associated expense then the Master Case 5 or Master Case Pro 5 are a sure bet. Cooler Master already has the parts you need for any style build you want. With the good airflow and mesh keeping most contaminants out you will enjoy your system and the Master Case 5 for years to come.

Pros: Cons
  • Modular Design
  • Top Cover Kit Gives Plenty Of Room For A Dual Radiator
  • More Than Ample Wiring Cutouts
  • Well Engineered But Not Over-Engineered
  • Removable / Movable Components Made For An Easy Build
  • High Quality
  • After Market Add On Kits
  • Clean Sleek Lines
  • PSU Chanber Has Well Thought Out Wiring Routes
  • Very Reasonable Price
  • None At This Time

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