Cooler Master MasterCase 5 With Freeform Modular System

Cooler Master MasterCase 5 With Freeform Modular System

Cooler Master was founded in 1992 by one man working out of a rented apartment with his staff being nothing more than a secretary who handled the admin part of the business. Roger (the founder) worked at innovating, inventing building and marketing new products. He had no backing, no corporate bank roll, all he had was a vision of better equipment and was the first to grasp that people would appreciate tool-less motherboard heatsinks and that cooling was more than fans and heatsinks. Roger knew that case cooling was as much about airflow through case as a whole system than just heatsinks and fans. He also challenged his people to make the worlds first aluminum computer case, they were all hand-made market-leading high-value cases and sold out immediately.

Through the years Cooler Master has kept that cutting edge attitude and produced many revolutionary products and in ways lead the chassis industry to the air flow conscious well thought out chassis we take for granted today.

Cooler Master caught on to the modding community and started producing the MasterCase line with the idea that the entire chassis should be modular and the “guts” of the case should be freeform and adjustable to the users needs. The MasterCase being freeform and modular allows for people to upgrade the chassis rather than just replace it completely when their needs change.

What we have to take a look at today is the MasterCase 5 and CoolerMaster threw in the MasterCase Side Window Kit and the MasterCase Top Cover Kit.


This is the MasterCase 5 as it comes out of the box and the first thing we noticed were the angular components giving the chassis an overall look of a symmetric aesthetically pleasing chassis. Next we noticed the size of the chassis and when it comes to chassis size does matter, for us enthusiasts there has to be room to expand and the MasterCase 5 gives us that. We can see some chassis that a metal side with no window for environments where sturdiness and noise suppression are more important than showing the hardware inside.


ModelMasterCase 5MasterCase Pro 5
Available ColorDark metallic grey exterior with black interior
MaterialsSECC, Plastic
Weight10.6 kg/23.4 lbs10.7 kg/23.6 lbs
Size (LxWxH)All512(L) x 235(W) x 548(H) mm512(L) x 235(W) x 548(H) mm
Body460(L) x 235(W) x 460(H) mm460(L) x 235(W) x 460(H) mm
Mother Board SupportATX, m-ATX, M-ITXATX, m-ATX, M-ITX
Expansion Slots77
Drive Bay5.25″ ODD22
3.5″ HDD25
2.5″ SSD2+22+5
ElectronicsI/O portU3 x2, AudioU3 x2, Audio
Fan speed controlN/AN/A
Pre-install fansFront140mm x1140mm x2
Rear140mm x1140mm x1
Fan SupportFront120/140mm x3120/140mm x3
Top120/140mm x2120/140mm x2
Rear120/140mm x1120/140mm x1
Water Cooling
Front240/280mm radiator, up to 40mm thickness without fan240/280mm radiator, up to 40mm thickness without fan
TopN/A240mm radiator, up to 40mm thickness without fan
CPU Air Cooling Support190mm/7.5inches190mm/7.5inches
VGA Card Support w/ 3.5″ HDD Cage296mm/11.7inches296mm/11.7inches
w/o 3.5″ HDD Cage412mm/16.2inches412mm/16.2inches
Cable Management25mm25mm
Dust FiltersFront/Top/BottomFront/Top/Bottom
Power Supply TypeBottom Mount, ATX PS2
RemarkNo Top Cover
No Front Door
W/ Top Cover
Top Water Bracket
Side Window
Product Sheet Download MasterCase 5 MasterCase Pro 5
Manual Download MasterCase 5 MasterCase Pro 5

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