Crucial 16GB Ballistix Elite 2666MHz

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

We were very impressed with how well the Crucial Ballistix 2666MHz memory performed. In most cases, this memory performed better than the Patriot Viper 2800MHz memory. This once again showed us that having tighter timings Award_Silverwith a lower frequency is still preferred over having looser timings and higher frequencies. This became pretty apparent what we started overclocking the Crucial Ballistix 2666MHz memory, which required us to loosen up the CAS Latency timing in order to overclock this memory. But that is part of the game of overclocking; finding that sweet spot on our computer components, and making it work to our benefit. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, and sometimes leaving things at their default state is actually better than trying to overclock the hell out of it. Another added bonus that Crucial gives us with the Ballistix Memory is the ability to monitor our memory temperatures via their MOD utility software, and if you have a supported memory module with LEDs, you can control or change the outcome of that particular feature of your memory.
This particular set of memory will cost about $235 USD, so if you are looking for a good set of high performing RAM for your computer, at a cost that is affordable, then the Crucial 16GB Ballistix Elite 2666MHz kit would fit that bill perfectly.

Pros Cons
  • Outperformed memory with higher frequencies
  • Module monitoring available via MOD utility
  • DDR4 still comes with premium pricing

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