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Razer BlackWidow Chroma, Feel The Bite!

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


We spend a week with the Razer BlackWidow Chroma, working around the lab, playing games and prying it away from others so we could do our work. It never fails to be the first piece of equipment people mention and is a great conversation starter. It’s only when they sit down with it and game for a few minutes that they realize it’s more than just a pretty toy. Even in games they’ve played a hundred times, let them have a pre-set profile and inevitably every one who tried it said “Oh what’s that key for”. It prompts you visually to find out why those keys are lit, you learn their function easier and never miss the key in the game fueled adrenaline rush.

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma is a hard piece of gaming hardware to argue with, worldwide a ton of eSports athletes use it for its solid feel and tactile response. The 1000MHz polling insures your keystrokes are interpreted instantly and sent to the gaming interface software. Each keystroke is a distinct click and the keyboard is rock solid on the lap, it never moved. The preset profiles are a wonderful tool, there’s no guessing where the fighting keys are you hit them first time every time.


The Razer BlackWidow Chroma is a little pricey coming in at 159.99 with free shipping on Amazon┬ábut we have used the BlackWidow extensively for 5 years and mechanically speaking (except for the lighting) they are almost identical and it’s still running strong. That’s an attribute that garners a lot of favor on the BlackWidow and BlackWidow Chroma, longevity. The longer you use a gaming peripheral the more you get used to it and the more comfortable it is in your hands. Of the 14 or so Razer products around the lab none have ever failed and we have Razer products dating back to 2008 and they all still function like new. So the $159.99 price is justified for one of the top gaming keyboards in the world.

In all we’ve enjoyed the Razer BlackWidow Chroma, profiles were easy to create and modify. Macro keys are a snap and you can just on the fly create what you want. The colored template keys stand out and give a new depth to old favorite games increasing your efficiency and deadliness. About the only things we didn’t like about the Razer BlackWidow were the slightly clicky keys and or Girlfriends/wives prying us out of the lab while testing it.

Review Overview

Performance - 9.5
Quality - 10
Innovation - 9.5
Value - 9
Features - 10


The Razer BlackWidow Chroma performed marvelously, the colored light show it provides drew every eye in the lab. The On the fly macro keys are a gift from gamers heaven, and the colored profile keys make you a deadlier virtual warrior. Pick one of these beauties up and your enemy will feel the Bite of the Razer BlackWidow Chroma!

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