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Kingston Technologies Data Traveler microDuo 3

Final Thoughts

Award_ApprovalAll in all, my thoughts of the Kingston Technologies data traveler MicroDuo 3 flash drive is fairly positive. I like the idea of being able to hook up to multiple electronic devices on a whim, without the need of special programs/Apps, or dongles/adapters to transfer files from one to the other. The only area I was disappointed in was the write speeds of the Data Traveler MicroDuo 3 storage device. And, this is because I tend to use flash drives as a go between, and the information stored on these devices are not kept on it for long. So I do a lot writing to the drive as well as read from it.

The Kingston Technologies Data Traveler microDuo 3 flash drive does exactly what it is designed for, and it operates well above the rated speeds of what Kingston technologies rates this storage device at. SO if you are needing a large capacity storage device that can hook up to a multitude of different types of electronic devices, mobile and desktop computers this storage unit will be a perfect candidate.

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