Wednesday , 21 October 2020

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC

Closer Look

The card comes in a typical Gigabyte-box.

While the front doesn’t say much on the back you get a bunch of info regarding the features including the fan-system and the RGB-lighting.

Gigabyte RTX3080 Eagle OC

Our first look at the card. The design is pretty blocky, something that doesn’t bother me much.

RTX3080 Eagle OC vs Asus GTX2080

The Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC is a huge card. Here I am comparing it to my old Asus GTX 2080. Make sure you have room for such a big card.

Back of the Gigabyte RTX3080 Eagle OC

The card comes with a solid backplate that protects the card and gives it some stability.


The card comes with 3 HDMI 2.1-connectors and 2 DP 1.4-connectors.  Nvidia just missed DP 2.0 that is expected to come out end of the year and has also removed the USB-C-connector that you could find on the RTX 20-series of cards.


Here is a look at the massive heatsink and the fins. You can spot the copper plate with the heatpipes coming out of it to the right.


A closer look at one of the fans.


The card uses two regular 8-pin connectors so no need for a fancy new PSu with the 12-pin connector that the RTX 3080 FE-cards use (or the need for an adapter). The PCI-E-slot provides 75W of power and the two 8-pin connectors provide up to 300 W of power. The card uses 340 W so there is some head room.

Issue with power connectors?

There seem to be some issues with the power connectors on several of Gigabyte’s 3080 and 3090 cards. This thread on details it and the response from Gigabyte. The issue is that it seems that the pins on the power connector can come loose and get pushed in. To fix that you would have to completely dismantle the card and that might not even fix it as they can get pushed in again.

My card actually had this issue with one of the pins where it was a bit to the side and got pushed back when I inserted the connector. Luckily I saw it quickly and could pull it out a bit but that pin is now a bit further in than the others. It seems Gigabyte is aware of this and that hopefully newer cards won’t have this issue.

UPDATE: Check the serial-number of the card. If it starts with 2038 and below it will have the old stype of connector block while 2039 and above uses the new improved one.

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