Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC


Since this card is already overclocked from start I did not expect a lot of headroom to overclock more. Gigabyte has their own software that works like MSI Afterburner and allows you to do change some settings on the card including the LED color and how the fans should work.

The software also allows you to use the oc-scanner to find the best overclock. I must admit I prefer MSI Afterburner so I downloaded the latest beta instead.

In both software the power limit is set at 100% and cannot be increased. Using the oc scanner MSI Afterburner did find a overclock but deemed it “unstable”. Running the oc scanner in Gigabytes software also created a new “curve” but didn’t say anything about it being unstable. Running the stress test in 3Dmark worked fine so I decided to test some games.

To be honest I do not think it it is worth it. Yes, you gain a few % in performance but I am more interested in under-volting and getting similar performance with less heat and power useage.

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