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Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC


It should not come as a big surprise that the Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC needs to cool of a lot of heat. That is why it has 3 fans spinning. It also needs good case cooling, something I quickly learned when putting the card on my Lian Li O11 Dynamic case.

I must admit I’ve been quite lazy checking how warm the GPU’s get in my case as I do not play much with it at the moment. At first I only used a Fractal Design Celsius+ S36 360mm AIO-cooler in the case. I never reallt thought that my case would have issues with a fast GPU but afterwards I realize that running the Asus RTX2080 30 minutes with the 3DMark stresstest gave me a GPU-temp of 86C. Whoa – hot.

So how did the Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC fare?


With just a Fractal Design Celsius+ S36 360 mm AIO-cooler in the case


69 - 71C



Top of case


Glas door


Fan speed


Noise - 50 cm from front

43.5 dBa

Added 2x 140 W Be Quiet Silent Wings 3(top) and
1x 120mm Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 High Speed (bottom)


69 - 71C



Top of case


Glas door


Fan speed


Noise - 50 cm from front

38.7 dBa

I quickly realized that this card also got very hot. And it wasn’t just the GPU that got hot. My whole system warmed up a lot so that both the glass door and the top of the case were very hot. It turns out a lot of heat was dumped into the case. Luckily the 360 mm AIO seemed to handled that well for the CPU.

Be Quiet fans

To improve the air flow in the case I added three new fans: 2x 140 W Be Quiet Silent Wings 3(top) and 1x 120mm Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 High Speed (bottom). 

Even though I added 3 more fans to the system the temperatures and the noise level went down a lot. This is of course good as it allows the GPU to boost more. Without any overclocking I saw the boost frequency hit 1860MHz  or more when  cooled properly compared to around 1780 – 1800 MHz when not cooled properly.


The RTX3080 is a power hungry GPU and this is obvious when comparing it to the RTX 2080.

3DMark Timespy Stress

The Division 2 Benchmark

Asus RTX 2080

345 Watt

364 Watt

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC

485 Watt

500 Watt

Measured at the wall = whole system. Max Watt measured.

I would recommend at least a good quality 750 W PSU with the card.

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