Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Founders Edition – Nvidia Unleashes RTX on The $350 Market

Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Now we’re getting into the territory of a game more optimized for the higher performance GPUs. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an awesome game and part of a long lasting franchise. It is a little older as Shadow of the Tomb Raider just launched but it still deserves to be included.

Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the tomb raider show almost linear scaling. the bars are so well aligned you could almost use them as stairs. That being said it is clear that the RTX GPUs are very well segmented as each follows the other by an almost lockstep margin. The 2060 definitely shines as a 1080p contender and even pulls its own weight at 1440p. While in Shadow of the Tomb Raider it only achieves 58 Average FPS the lows were around mid 40’s which means it would be a really good gaming experience with minimal noticeable graphical issues or stutters.



Assassins Creed Origins is the newest entry into the long lineage of Assassins Creed games. It takes place in ancient Egypt and has some amazing visuals and is very taxing on your graphics subsystem.

Here for Assassins Creed we see that the 2060 falls just short of 100FPS average while at 1440p is delivers 66FPS. For those who are sticklers for 60+ FPS 4K is not for you on the 2060 and you would be looking at a 2080 Ti as the only card to show that but at an average of 40, you could likely get by with reducing settings. But let’s be honest if you are gamiing at 4K, you are likely not buying a 2060.


Far Cry has been a great series of games and the newest takes on a cult-like group in the rural USA. This entry into the Far Cry franchise has some great visuals and can definitely put your GPU to work being a much newer game.

Once again, we see more of the same as the 2060 delivers playable 1080p and 1440p performance. 4K could get rough but is doable but lets just not go there.


Ghost Recon Wildlands is an awesome squad-based shooter which has tons of varying terrain, vehicle play and plenty of eye candy via explosions and particle effects to make your GPU cry.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is the last of our gaming tests, and the reason we include it is it is pure torture for GPUs. As you can see even at 1080p, with everything cranked, it is a tough run for the 2060. Obviously, the game is playable and tuning some of the settings down a tick will get you running fine but it shows that when you crunch it with the right game you can bring any GPU to its knees as even the mighty 2080 Ti buckles under the pressure delivering 48.17 FPS average at 4K.


Now let’s see what happens as we try to turn up the wick on the 2060 and overclock it to its edge.

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