Saturday , 14 January 2023

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Founders Edition – Nvidia Unleashes RTX on The $350 Market


Overclocking the GTX 2000 Series cards are very similar to 10 series but there have been some improvements in how the boost works in version 4 over version 3 which was on Pascal. We discussed this earlier in the features section.

The 2060 much like the 2070 found its power limit very quickly. We were able to push the GPU to +162 with power limit maxed at 119%. This gave us an effective boost clock of 2040 – 2070 but as the chip gets warmer into steady state you will see the GPU roll back the clock a few ticks and you will get 2010MHz. This is normal as VRel kicks in and as silicon gets warmer it will require a little more voltage which is automatically applied and therefore as you hit the VRel limit and it will roll clocks accordingly to keep within predefined limits.

The memory could really move as we were able to with full stability pull +990MHz. This came out to almost 16,000MHz effective memory clock (15,984MHz).

Time Spy showed a graphics score increase of a little over 8% with the overclock.

Time Spy Extreme showed a graphics score increase of a little over 10% with the overclock.

So I guess you can say that yes you can overclock the FE but it is quite limited to how far it can go. I should have a few aftermarket AIB models so we can see if any of those fare any better in regards to pushing clocks or if the new cut down TU106 GPU is simply not able to go up very far.

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