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MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Z – MSI Brings The Heat For The Mini Turing.


Overclocking the GTX 2000 Series cards are very similar to 10 series but there have been some improvements in how the boost works in version 4 over version 3 which was on Pascal. We discussed this earlier in the features section.

The MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z was interesting since I did not want to mess with fan settings and I wanted to test it like any user may who would just jump in Afterburner to explore.

Pushing the GPU I was able to get 100% stable +72 GPU which when reaching steady state hit 2055MHz (stock: 1980MHz boost steady state) that is not huge at a paltry 4% increase.

The memory I was able to achieve +1212 fully stable which translates to 8151 or 16,424MHz effective. (Stock: 7000MHz – 14000MHz Effective) an approximate 15% overclock. This was quite impressive as it fell right into a strap or area where the memory increase could eek out just a little more performance.

Time Spy showed a graphics score increase of a little under 7% with the overclock.

Time Spy Extreme showed a graphics score increase of a little over 7% with the overclock.

So, while the GPU on the MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z might not have a ton of headroom as it comes pre-overclocked out of the box. The Gaming Z definitely has a lot of room to play in the memory. the overclock we achieved not only pulled an extra 7% over its own stock performance but it beat out our FE model overclocked runs by a small but decent margin as well.

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