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AMD RYZEN 7 Trifecta


RealBench uses real, open source applications to test your PC as it would perform in RL. Although it can be competitive, it’s not primarily designed to be more hardcore and time-consuming – it’s a benchmark for everyone.

Select the three tests and run the benchmark to get your result. Each test uses different parts of your PC subsystem, so all areas are covered. Share the result here on the forum to compare to others, or, compare to pre/post overclocks and pre/post upgrades to get maximum value from your PC.

Heavy Multitasking

In this benchmark the lower the time the faster it accomplishes the tests that were running and all three CPUs showed their 8 core/16thread muscles and it only got sweeter when overclocked.

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As previously the lower the time the better and once again the RYZEN 7 series flexes it muscles at Intel and shows just how potent having this many cores and threads are when it comes to applications that are multithreaded.


This test left us slightly baffled considering all the results were identical, except for the 1800X when it overclocked and we are not sure why this occurred in the tests!

Image Encoding

With image encoding, the less time required the better and in these tests, we were able to achieve extremely good results and these results only improved when overclocked. If you’re doing photos for a living then time equals money, so the faster the CPU can process them the more productive you are.

System Score

In the system score, it calculates an overall score for all the tests that have been run. In this, you want to see higher numbers since this shows overall performance. In this tests, we once again were pleased with the results and percentage wise the 1700X had the highest overall gain when overclocked.

SiSoft Sandra

Sisoft Sandra memory bandwidth test was somewhat revealing and highlighted the memory issues currently going on with the RYZEN platform, we expect this we be solved with new drivers and bios updates and we feel that had we been able to run the memory to run at the 3000MHz it was designed to perform at.

In the CPU Arithmetic tests, the RYZEN 7 series performed very well in this test and the extra cores and threads really come in handy in this test and helped it do so well. Even the 1700 showed its prowess and ability in this test and we think this will only get better as new drivers and bios updates come out.


TrueCrypt is a discontinued source-available freeware utility used for on-the-fly encryption (OTFE). It can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file or encrypt a partition or (under Microsoft Windows except Windows 8 with GPT) the entire storage device (pre-boot authentication).

In this test the higher the score the better and the 1800X was able to sour about the other two and even non-OC was faster than the 1700 and 1700X when OC. Overall all 3 CPUs did really well and were able to show off why more is better, more equaling more cores/threads!

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