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ID-COOLING ICEKIMO 240W White Dual Radiator Water Cooling Review


The ICEKIMO 240W (240mm as well) performed in line with other dual radiator water cooling setups we’ve tested. It doesn’t rate top honors as it’s an aluminum radiator with a copper block which can eventually set up galvanic corrosion, and we saw a few other deficiencies that were a bit of an oversight. We did like the noise levels and cooling on the 5620K up to 4.3GHz, and the extra room the ICEKIMO 240W frees up in the chassis. If you have a white chassis and want to keep it all white in there, this is really your only choice for water cooling.

The vanes come in at 18FPI (Fin Per Inch), but we saw a number of them bent out of the box, which is nothing more than rough handling and won’t affect the performance much. Will it affect the overall score and award? Yes it will. We all like to see pristine vanes on our radiators and less than that isn’t really acceptable.

The performance we saw with both two and four fans was more than acceptable in its class, but we didn’t get 4-pin PWM control of the pump, which shouldn’t be much of an issue at the low 25dB(A). The fans came in at an acceptable 36.0dB(A) and the additional blue LED with solid rubber corners helped squeeze the maximum cooling out of the ID-Cool ICEKIMO 240W.

Priced at $99.99, if you need white water cooling, ID-Cooling is your sole choice at this time and we’ve spotted the ICEKIMO on a few sites available in both Europe and the Americas. The ICEKIMO will face stiff competition at this price point, as we’ve seen other water cooling setups similar to this be better equipped for less. When it comes to it, the only advantage the ICEKIMO offers is the color.


Pros Cons
  • Much Better Than Air Cooling
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Non-Permeable Rubber Hoses
  • PWM fans
  • Fins Bent
  • 3 Pin non-PWM Pump
  • Mediocre 96L/H Flow

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  1. Wow, this is a beast for cooling. I hope it is not too expensive I would like to buy one.

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