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Asustor AS3202T Multifunctional 4K Quad-Core NAS


There is a lot to like about the Asustor AS3202T. It costs slight under 300$ which puts it in similar price range as offerings from Synology and Qnap. The performance is great and Asustor has worked hard on creating an GUI that can almost compete with both DSM from Synology and QTS from Qnap. The feeling still is there though that Asustor needs to work a bit more on ADM as it still is not as sleek and useful as the competitors. While the apps in ADM also are nice again we cannot help feeling that Asustor needs to put some more work into getting more of them. Still there are small gems hidden there, like the Takeeasy-app that lets us download Viemo and Youtubes videos easily. And to be honest, we really did not feel like there were any types of apps missing.

Using Asustor AS3202T as your media hub also works well. AsustorPortal offers a good UI on the TV and with kodi and Plex installed it gives us all we need to be able to watch (almost) anything. We’re not completely sold on the idea of a big NAS by the TV or the receiver (and depending on the HDD’s it can make some noise) but it is quite stylish so it won’t look to out of place among other HIFI-products. Of course the HDMI-output can be used for other stuff like accessing ADM without a computer or even use VirtualBox and boot up another OS.

In the end we still recommend the Asustor AS3202T because for all it’s faults it is a solid performer that will work great in any Prosumer environment.

Pros Cons
  • Looks good
  • Great performance
  • Lots of useful apps
  • 4K playback that works
  • Can handle lots of media types
  • Great multimedia-support
  • Lots of great mobile apps
  • 4 camera licenses included with Surveillance Center
  • Need to remove the case to change HDD’s
  • No memory upgrade
  • ADM still lags slightly behind the OS of Synology and Qnap.
  • Surveillance center very barebones compared to Synology Surveillance Station.

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  1. How do you backup to B2 Backblaze from an Asustor NAS? I know Synology and QNAP support B2, but Asustor?

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