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Asustor AS3202T Multifunctional 4K Quad-Core NAS


These days it is not enough just to have desktop apps, you need something for the mobiles to. Asustore has a bunch of interesting apps.


AiMaster lets you control the NAS and also monitor it.



As you can see the app is translated to many languages including Swedish. It lets you get access to lots of settings and services and you can either use it on the local network or use a DDNS-service so you can access it from outside.


AiRemote allows you to control the ASUSTORE Portal via the phone. You can choose between a simple “move left, right, up, down and click” type of remote which is enough for Kodi, Plex etc. or to simulate a mouse.


AiSecure is the app that lets you monitor your cameras in the Surveillance System. It is a pretty simple app allowing you to watch the cameras in real-time as well as check any recorded events. You can also set up push-events but not for example make any changes to motion detection. We definitely would have like to see a bit more features in the app.


As the name implies this app allows you to watch videos stored on the device as well as local files. It is actually a pretty decent video player and we had no issues playing a wide variety of files on our Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge.


This app handles the download app on the NAS allowing you to add downloads, do torrent searches and generally manage everything being downloaded (and seeded) on the NAS.


As the name implies this is the app that allows you to see your images on the NAS. Remember to install the Photo Gallery app on the NAS, otherwise this app will not work.


To get this app working you need to install the NAS app SoundGood. This gives you access to local stored music files (in case you ripped a bunch of CD’s I guess).

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  1. How do you backup to B2 Backblaze from an Asustor NAS? I know Synology and QNAP support B2, but Asustor?

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