Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver Review (HX-HSCR-BK/NA)

Final Thoughts

The Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver faces some stiff competition in the $119.99 price range. We like the true sound reproduction the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver provides during music playback and the precision of the sound during gaming. We do miss the 7.1 virtual surround sound from the Cloud 2 headset and both are snugly comfortable on the head. The 50 mm neodymium drivers provided thumping bass sounds, crystal clear vocals and soaring instrumentals.

The ongoing audiophile battle between 2.0 stereo and 7.1 surround sound will be raging on for years with virtual surround sound and USB connectors at the heart of it. USB or 3.5mm to us is a personal choice, the 3.5mm makes a lot of sense as you can use the headphones across a wide spectrum of devices, we like versatility, and would be willing to sacrifice virtual 7.1 for the versatility the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver gives.

Unless you want two headsets, one for gaming and one for everything else, we would recommend the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver for great sound and versatility. If virtual 7.1 surround sound is a must this might not be the headset for you. Taking this all into consideration, the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver earns the Bjorn3D Bronze Bear Award.



Pros Cons
  • Versatility
  • True Sound Reproduction
  • Immersive Game Play
  • Self-Adjusting Head Strap
  • Noise Canceling Mic
  • Durability
  • Memory Foam
  • Lacks 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Little Expensive

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