Kingston Mobilelite Wireless G3 (MLWG3)& MobileLite Wireless Pro 64GB(MLWG3/64)

A Closer Look Kingston MobileLite Pro


The Kingston Wireless MobileLite Pro fills the same niche as the MobileLite G3 except it has a 64GB internal storage built in. Kingston chose fingerprint showing gloss black for the finish.


The Left side has the SD port, accessible my microSD adapter (included) as well as the USB port.


Right side has a network port for connecting to your internet router making this a more flexible choice and turning your router into a wireless USB reader and allowing access to the internet at the same time as you get access to the Wireless Pro.


The front has a power switch a reset divot and a type B USB charging port, the internal battery on the Wireless Pro will charge your average cell phone twice so it’s a bit of a Mobile Swiss Army Wi-Fi.


The top has Rex the Kingston mascot/logo and the power light, Wi-Fi light and bridged Light and as far as outer form goes the G3 and the PRO only differ in color.

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  1. It really needs a much better music player. No playlist. No sort by anything useful. No support for 3rd party music aps. Frustrating. I either have to pick a song at a time or let it randomly play through gigs of songs.

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