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OtterBox Note5 line of case’s

OtterBox Note5 Cases

We have the distinct pleasure today to review the new OtterBox cases for the new Samsung Note5 smart phone. We were lucky enough that OtterBox sent us the Defender, Commuter and Symmetry line of cases which make up their entire line for the new Note5. Now while this typically means a comparison type of review, after careful analysis we have decided against this since it’s rather like comparing a Honda Civic vs. a Chevrolet Corvette.


The OtterBox brand is one of the most renowned names in mobile device cases and device protection and has built up a rock solid reputation that has protected millions of devices over the years.   This has earned them countless accolades and awards over the years for their products and company culture.

Packaging and Specifications

The packaging for the Note5 Series of cases is OtterBox’s signature yellow and black with a clear front panel allowing the potential buyer to view the product in a retail store like Best Buy, Frys or your favorite local store.


The back side of the packaging uses simple, easy to understand language to give you a brief product description, list the features, and tell you how many layers of protection the case has.   It lists the key features in simple icons. We enjoyed OtterBox’s approach and the very simple and easy to understand format.



Symmetry Commuter Defender
Layers of Protection 1 2 3
Screen Protector No Yes Yes
Dust Protection No Yes Yes
Scratch Protection Raised Beveled Edge Raised Beveled Edge Raised Beveled Edge

Their thinnest and lightest case is the Symmetry but it still offers the OtterBox certified drop protection and raised beveled edges to protect the screen. On this model the ports are open and easily accessible on the bottom, as is the S-Pen opening.

Otter_Box_Note5_6 Otter_Box_Note5_8

The next step up in the line is the Commuter case that is slightly thicker and offers an additional layer of protection and a thin adhesive screen protector that you have to install yourself. The screen protector that is included was problematic and after trying to install it and failing after several tries, we ended up leaving it off. We would have liked to have seen more than one included in case you mess it up like we did. This case also features protection over the ports and features rubber covers for the USB port and headphone input. The speaker and S-Pen are still uncovered and fully functional.



Finally we get to their Defender model, which is their thickest and most protective case. This case features 3 layers of protection and is practically a shell within a shell. It features a part that includes the screen protector that you snap around the Samsung Note5 that is then followed by a hard cover that covers the rear side of the device. Also built into this case are the same dust cover features and the speaker and S-pen are still open for ease of use.   As an added bonus, OtterBox features their belt holster to securely clip the Note5 to your belt.
Otter_Box_Note5_13 Otter_Box_Note5_14

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