G.Skill TridentZ 16GB DDR 4 DC 3200 MHz (16 18 18 38), The Need For Speed!




The AIDA64 copy test sees the TridentZ about 4000MB/s ahead of the other kits and the G.skill kit is making a good opening out of the gate.


The AIDA64 Latency test has the G.Skill TridentZ kit at 46.2ns and on top the chart in this benchmark as well.


The Read test in AIDA64 has our G,Skill TridentZ kit at 45356MB/s well ahead of the other it’s tested.


In the Write test the G.Skill TridentZ 3200 MHz kit has a lead of about 4000 points over the other kits on the charts.



In Cinebench the kit scored a 169.32 FPS about 6 FPS ahead of the closest kitand the G.Skill TridentZ kit is liking the top position on the chart.



The OpenCL test shows the G.Skill TridentZ 3200MHz kit 5.6 FPS ahead of the Savage 3000 kit which isn’t a huge lead but enough of a lead to show faster ram does make a difference.


Realbench image editing has the G.Skill TridentZ kit a couple of seconds ahead of the Kingston HyperX Savage kit,


FOr the first time in our tests the G.Skill TridentZ 3200MHz kit dropped to second place and that was in Realbenches Image Editing test.


The G;Skill TridentZ 3200 MHz kit took the top of the chart back at 87.778 seconds in heavy multitasking.


The OpenCL test is measured in KSamples/Sec and higher is better in this test and the G.Skill TridentZ kit topped the chart at 1429 KSamples/Sec.

SiSoft Sandra


The G.Skil TridentZ kit ran away from the pack and scored a 219.78 GB/s putting it about 21 GB/s ahead of the rest.


The Cryptographic Bandwidth test in Sandra is brutal and ram plays a big factor in decryption and encryption and the G,Skill TridentZ hit 11.62GB/s or 1.37 GB/s ahead of the closest  competitor.


The Memory Latency test in Sandra has the G.Skill TridentZ kit at an insanely low 18.3ns one of the lowest Latency’s we’ve seen,



In both the Integer and Float test in Sandra the G.skill TridentZ 3200 MHz kit scored up in the 38.6 range and around 4 points ahead of the closest kit.



SuperPI is often a game of ns and a few mere ns will separate kits in the 1M test and the G.Skill TridentZ kit came in 0.049ns ahead in the 1M test. Now stretch the test out to the 32M test and you get better scaling and the G.Skill TridentZ kit came in just under 2 seconds faster than the Kingston Savage 3000 MHz kit.

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