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Taking a Closer Look


ASUSTOR went with a clean and trendy look for the AS1002T packaging, with its simple white box with colorful graphics, information and product pictures.  We love how user friendly and simple ASUSTOR made the packaging; it is so simple that you could be illiterate.  All the main features   and ways to use the AS1002T are laid out in easy to understand pictures and graphics that show even the most basic users how to use the product.  The product is secured within the box extremely well to avoid any damage even if the box gets banged around.


The front side of the box has a brief list of the hardware specifications and connectivity and also  simple and easy to understand information about its interface options and platforms.  Also shown is a large product picture showing the front side of it with its modern carbon weave facade.  The rear side of the box features a breakdown of operating systems and file formats it supports in 19 different languages.

AS1002T_3 AS1002T_5

The side of the box clearly shows what we were talking about  with its pictograms  showing you how to use the NAS and the methods you can use to access your files from anywhere, plus the streaming abilities.  The other side of the box shows you how to configure the system and how to create a cloud system with it.


The top of the box features a nifty carrying handle, list of contents and bar codes specific to each part of the world this product is sold in.

Trendsetter Exterior


The exterior of the ASUSTOR AS1002T has a minimalist footprint that is easily hidden anywhere you have access to a power outlet and Ethernet jack.   The look that ASUSTOR went with is a more modern styling with a carbon weave pattern gracing the front facade, something we have seen on some of their other network products also.  Also located on the front panel are the four status LED’s and a USB 3.0 port that allows users to directly upload files to the NAS.


On the rear side of the AS1002T we find the power button, DC power plug, Ethernet port, cooling fan and a second USB 3.0 port that supports USB Wi-Fi dongle, print sharing and Bluetooth dongles with audio support.    It should also be noted that it utilizes a tool-less chassis to hold the NAS cover in place and for the hard drives


The bottom of the AS1002T is finished in the same powder coated as the other 4 sides.  It also features 4 rubberized legs that isolate it from the table or wherever you place it and ventilation openings. the top only has the seam to take apart the NAS by removing the two thumb screws.


The other sides which compose the cover for the NAS are finished in matte black paint and here you can see it on and off the NAS.  The exterior craftsmanship was exquisite and while it looks nice, the design is meant to blend into the surroundings.

AS1002T Interior

AS1002T_12 AS1002T_14

When breaking open the AS1002T, you find a rather simple looking interior with a green circuit board nestled directly under the dual drive cage.   Once the two drives are installed, it covers and hides most of the circuit board.  ASUSTOR leaves an ample amount of space for airflow around the drives to prevent overheating.

AS1002T_13 AS1002T_16

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  1. I have a Asustor NAS 1002 . Recently I have had two WD purples fail on this device within 3 months. (both less than 18 months old). I have been carrying out a lot of disk intensive operations (that’s what purples are designed for) and I can’t help thinking that this system just cannot cope with it. Anyone else have any Disk problems with the Asustor 1002T??

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