Razer Mamba, Wired & Wireless (Chroma) Mouse Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We spent a good amount of time gaming with the Razer Mamba and even more time contemplating the features and functionality of the Mamba. In gaming the mouse Award_Goldslides across a variety of pads and mats with extreme ease. We could tell the difference between cloth and smooth surfaced pads and mats but both perform equally well with the Mamba. We tested the adjustable click by running it up to the lightest click and playing simple games while adjusting it to a comfortable and optimal click force. Then we made clicking as hard as possible by going the other direction on the adjustment ports on the bottom and adjusting down. We found that to light a click force caused to many false clicks and expended our ammo to fast. Click force set to high and we would miss to many clicks by not applying enough force. Once we got it dialed in the solid feel and custom click force felt like an extension of our arms.

The mouse never hesitated or lagged and when we click the mouse there’s no lag or drag and it’s truly a gaming grade wired and wireless experience. We practiced snap shots where targets in the middle of the screen would appear and we had to sweep across the screen to get a shot off. After 5 or 10 minutes of snap shots we were deadly accurate and while we might not score a head shot snap shooting we would stun the enemy with a body shot which gave us long enough to take them out without taking serious damage ourselves. No matter how fast we swept the mouse the Razer Mamba kept up. We ended up having to adjust the speed the cursor moved to keep track of it while snap shooting but that’s what the Mamba / Synapse combo is all about, dialing in the setting you need to maximize your deadliness in games.

When we ask the Mamba to do something for us it was like we had the thought and the Mamba responded before muscle memory kicked in. There was some learning curve mastering button position but that’s normal for any mouse and once the new feeling in your hand went away the Mamba becomes part of you and the more you dial it in using Synapse the more integrated a part of you it becomes.

The removal of the wired plug to the mouse and the docking station was a little problematic at first but all you can do is get a hold on the wire as close to the plug as possible and gently pull on the rubber covering the wire next to the plug. In order to integrate the plug seamlessly into the mouse Razer gave a little too much thought to seamless integration and not enough to removal. Possibly a little more bulk on the USB side of the plug with a hole in the body of the plastic and use the click adjusting tool to remove the plug would be a better arrangement. We didn’t find any way to change the battery in the Mamba so eventually the battery will wear out but with battery technology being what it is most batteries are good for years of recharging and those two minor points are really the only beef we had with the Mamba. When you design a work of art like the Mamba you probably have to balance form and function and we suspect that’s the cause of the slightly wonky plug situation.

The 16,000 DPI laser sensor is adjustable by 1 DPI at a time if you care to fine tune it that much and that’s a new development in mouse adjustments. The Mamba has a nice solid quality feel in the hand and when you have it in the field fighting your next big gaming battle you can rest assured that you have one of the most accurate well-built mice in the gaming world. Day to-day operation the Mamba functioned perfectly and no matter how much we stretched the limits of our game playing ability the Mambas battery never gave out and went dead on us. If that should happen you can switch to wired mode and in our experience the Mamba is probably the best mouse we’ve ever laid hands on.

The Chroma lighting isn’t going to win you any battles but it’s hard to believe how much style flair and color it adds to your gaming shrine. At times we found ourselves playing with coordinated color schemes and it’s quite the sight watching all the Razer peripherals doing the wave. You can associate Game .EXE files so that when you load a specific game Synapse knows what game you load and loads the correct profile for you. Configuring Game / Mouse profiles to auto load was as easy as navigating to the game files folder and selecting the game file with Synapse.


With the fusion between the Mamba and Synapse you really have the melding of supremely configurable software with totally configurable hardware. You can take the marriage of Mamba and Synapse as far as you like making profiles for each game and each situation you use it in and game profiles are only limited by the amount of storage space on your drive. Profiles really are endless as long as you have the space for the small files to be stored. Taking the Mamba on the road you can save a self installing driver, profile and macro file and slap it on a burner disk or a thumb drive and take the profile to a different machine with ease.

There really very little not to like about the Mamba’s performance but this type of performance and style cost money to build and design so you are looking at $149.99 of  which stings a bit. Computing is like anything else you get what you pay for and the Mamba offers professional level gaming amenities and tournament quality wired and wireless with a 1 ms response time and 1000 Hz Ultra-Polling. There’s nine fully programmable buttons which can trigger a game command or a macro. and 16.8 million colors in the Mambas sleek design. Many companies have jumped on the RGB trail but few do it with the flair of Razer.

If you’re a hard-core or tournament gamer you probably want a Mamba at your disposal just spend a little time with Synapse and mold the ergonomic Mamba to your needs. Once your used to the feel of it in your hand and how to best use Synapse you’re looking at one of the most deadly and accurate mice ever designed. Other gamers see Mamba at your gaming station and it’s sure to strike up more than one conversation and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Pros Cons
  • 16,000 DPI Future proofing
  • 50 G 210 Inch Per Second Acceleration
  • Adjustable Click Force
  • Wired And Wireless
  • 1000Hz Ultra-Polling
  • Chroma Lighting
  • On The Fly DPI Adjustments.
  • 9 Programmable Buttons
  • Synapse
  • 20 Hour Battery Life
  • Long 7 Foot Braided Fiber Cord
  • Battery Isn’t Replaceable
  • Pulling On The Wire To Remove Plugin

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