ASUS Z170 ROG MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME Review! Asus Drops The Bomb!

Test Rig & Overclocking

Testing we turn off any internet connection and reboot the machine to ensure Windows 10 pesky updates don’t skew numbers. Once rebooted we disable the internet open the task manager and wait about 10 minutes for any background tasks to finish. Once the CPU usage is at or below 1% we proceed with our tests. Each test is ran three times, we then average the three tests and report that score here. Should we run into any anomalous tests we toss the abortion test and run the test again.

Test Rig
Case Type
CPUIntel Core I7 6700K 4.0 – 4.2GHz
CPU CoolerEKWB L360 (EK-Kit L360)
Hard Drives
OpticalLiteon DVD Burner
GPUAsus Strix R9 390X Gaming 8G OC
Case Fans1 x 180mm Mosfet / CPU / Ram cooling fan
1 x 120mm PCI-E Cooling Fan
Docking StationsNone
Testing PSU
Any Attempt Copy This System Configuration May Lead to Bankruptcy





Here’s our stock shot of CPU-Z showing the Core I7 6700 and ASUS MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME then we immediately started OCing! Actually after we got the ASUS Driver disk installed we started OCing it’s the MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME OCing is what you start with!


We hit 4700K pretty easy and RealBench and some other benchmarks we ran were all stable. Even with a EK Triple Radiator and waterblock our temp maxed out at 89°C but we felt like the board had more to give.


We put the crank to it and the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME is the first and only board to give us a stable 4800MHz OC.


We figured what the heck we’d try the Dual Intelligent processor 5 on it and it tossed us a 4.8GHz stable OC at which point several lab techs fainted.


We ran a WPrime at 4800MHz and it completed so we ran a battery of tests and the AI overclock was stable.


Finally here’s our shot of WPrime running with CPU-Z confirming we are running at 4800MHz. The ASUS MaXIMUS VIII EXTREME was the easiest board to OC of all the boards we tested and far more forgiving on voltage settings.

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