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Razer DeathAdder Chroma + Razer FireFly (Chroma) Review

Final Thoughts

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is a light precise gaming mouse and at the almost entry-level price of $69.99 it’s a good addition to your gaming arsenal. You will haveAward_Silver to accept the loss of DPI on the fly buttons and while it is a 10000 DPI Optical Sensor it’s not a 10000 DPI Laser sensor. Consider the DeathAdder Chroma a high-end entry-level Razer offering. It’s a great mouse at a great price for a dedicated gaming mouse. It upped our game in Path Of Exile and made life easier in-game. As far as the Chroma end of things go there’s just not much you can Chroma on a mouse that’s going to Challenge the BlackWidow Chroma. The most breath-taking effect on the BlackWidow Chroma (pre-set) is the Wave and that effect isn’t going to translate to a Razer Emblem and mouse wheel very well.

The Coordinated spectrum cycling did draw a few jealous eyes here in the lab but that’ not going to win any games for you, The DeathAdder Chroma itself has to be the instrument of destruction and combined with Synapse you can adjust it to a precision design just for you and you can link it to a specific game. Having different settings for different gaming needs makes it a rare creature but like most rare creatures it has its points of perfection and weaknesses, The two weaknesses we found was it not being a true Laser Sensor and no DPI on the Fly adjustment but for the $69.99 price we wouldn’t send it back to Razer.

Pros Cons
  • High Precision
  • Price
  • Chroma (but Limited)
  • 10000 DPI
  • Synapse
  • HyperResponse Buttons
  • 7 Foot Cloth Braided Cord
  • Easy On The Hand And Wrist
  • Not a 10k Laser Sensor
  • Limited Chroma Functionality
  • No Calibration For It In Synapse Yet
  • Synapse Is A Little Intrusive

Razer FireFly Hard Mouse Mat Chroma

The Razer FireFly Hard Mouse Mat Chroma is a unique 16.8 million color RGB mouse mat that will more than satisfy those that just have to have the best bling on theirAward_Silver gaming shrine. The $60 dollar price will set some people back on their heels but depending on demand prices change,

The performance on the FireFly was pretty amazing and the hard but pliable Teflon like surface let the mouses feet fly across its surface. The surface will need to be gently cleaned at some point as natural skin oils and dust will build up and short of just water and a microfiber cloth we are at a loss as to what to clean it with.

The RGB lit edge drew a lot of eyes in the lab and people dropping by to scope out the newest and latest were impressed with its lighting effects. The conglomeration of Razer products on the desktop raised some eyebrows but raised eyebrows never bothered us.

Performance is high on the FireFly but so is the price. At $60 it’s worth it to complete a Chroma set on your desktop but if it’s going to be the only Chroma on your desktop consider a different Chroma product first. Now drop that price to around $40 and we could live with that a little better, So bundle it with the $69.99 DeathAdder Chroma and set the bundle price in the $100 – $109.99 range and watch it fly off the shelf.

Chances are the initial Release Price could see a drop as often happens so wait a bit unless you just can’t live without those 16.8 Million Colors.

Pros Cons
  • Mice Fly Across The Surface
  • Draws A Lot Of Attention
  • Nice Addin For A Chroma Collection
  • Price
  • Synapse Is A Little Intrusive

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