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VisionTek USB Pocket SSD 120GB (900718), Pocket Sized Speed Demon


This application was developed to help you get to know your HDD, so it has the power to measure sequential and random read/write speeds while displaying all details to the user with the help of a simple interface.
You can manually select the number of test runs, the size of the test and the drive that will be analyzed and then press the corresponding button to start all the tests.







In CrystalDiskMark Sequential reads hit 207MB/s and the writes hit 112MB/s which is a good speed for most USB 3.0 storage devices. The 512K test the VisionTek USB 3.0 Pocket SSD hits 103MB/s read and 70MB/s Write. The 4K test drops speeds to 11.7MB/s and writes fare better at 39.45. under the 4K QD32 test 66MB/s was the speed for reads and 70MB/s write.

USB Flash Bench

USB Flash Benchmark is a Freeware Portable USB Benchmarking tool created by Heep.ru. It can be used to test the Read and Write Speed of any USB Flash Drive, or even other drives. USB Benchmark Speed Testing is done via small 1KB file chunks up to large 16MB file chunks, and the results are graphed so you can see exactly how well a drive performs with varying file sizes. Optionally, results can be stored on the USBFlashSpeed website.





USB Flash Benchmark is specifically designed for USN interface drives and perhaps better optimized for that type benchmark than standard drive testers. Top end speeds ran between 240MB/s to 300MB/s and we’ll be paying more attention to this benchmark as drives roll in.

Want the speed of an internal Hard drive in a pocket portable size? The VisionTek USB Pocket SSD (120GB) might be what you're looking for. ┬áRated at speeds up to 455MB/s Read and 440MB/s write the VisionTek USB pocket SSD should not only meet your speed needs but also your size requirements. Sporting a generous 120GB usable space the drive is actually 256GB but uses 16GB for true SSD features like Trim. VisionTek USB Pocket SSD 120GB Pocket Sized Speed Demon The Early Years VisionTek was founded in 1988.…

Review Overview

Performance - 8
Value - 8.5
Innovation - 9
Features - 8
Quality - 8.5


The VisionTek USB 3.0 performed well but to perform at full speed requires a re-format to 4k sectors. Even using legacy 512K sectors performance was high and the drive is durable enough to survive the toughest road warrior.

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