Sunday , 20 September 2020

Bitfenix Ronin case


Installing components in the case is easy and was fairly straightforward. Of course we wanted to try it out with the components and put it through some testing.

Test 1 – Noise

This test is partly dependant on the CPU-cooler and graphics card you choose. To minimize the involvement of the graphics card we selected to run several CPU-tests including some via the OCCT-software. Even at 100% CPU-load the system kept the noise level around 34 dBa which is very quiet. In fact, it was easy to pinpoint that the CPu-fan was the main fan that added noise as we noticed as it increased in speed the noise level went up slightly. This means the two case fans basically add very little to the overall noise level.

Test 2 – Temperature

The system temperature kept itself around 27-30 C even as we put more load to the system for a longer time.

Test 3 – changing CPU-coolers

We used this case for two CPU-cooler reviews (Reeven RC 1204 and Reeven RC 1205 + some other coolers to compare with) and thus swapped out the cooler 4 times. It turned out to be a relative painless experience except for the issues we mentioned with the Reeven RC-1204 earlier.


Award_ApprovalThe Bitfenix Ronin-case is a really nice case that might seem a bit bland and “boring” at first but which performs very well. A lot of users do not want or need a flashy case and in those cases the sleek and sober look of the Ronin will be perfect. There is plenty of space in the case for drives as well as good cooling including two silent 120 mm fans. Installing components in the case is easy, partly because of the tool-less handling of the SSD/HDD/5.25″-units but also because there is room even if you install a big ATX-motherboard. The case also offers lots of ways to hide cables behind the motherboard tray. The inclusion of the windows is nice and is made even better with the included stealth cover. This allows you to focus on fewer areas in the case that you can show off.

The price of the case is around 99$ which is decent. It is around the same cost as other black midi-tower cases like the Corsair Carbide 300R which offers similar features.


Review Overview

Performance - 9
Quality - 7.4
Value - 8
Features - 8


The Bitfenix Ronin case is a well built midi-tower case that offers great performance for a decent price. It does not come with tons of features but what it does it does well.

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