Diamond BV750 Low Profile 7750 Graphics Card


The Diamond BV750 is a interesting card as it comes to us as a solution that I have seen a need for in some office systems I recently deployed with some users needing more display capability. And that’s when I realized that the picking for lower profile cards that also offer a good measure of performance is rather low.

The BV750 offers the ability to run multiple displays from a single slot solution even when deployed in the low profile mode thanks to the DMS59 connector you can use dual DVI digital displays without issue.

The BV750 surprisingly paid dividends in the form of decent game-play capability which was quite a surprise for such a work optimized card.

Overall if you have a low profile desktop and need a smaller card with multiple display capability and a decent amount of punch the BV750 is a definite winner in my book, and I could recommend it highly due to the multiple display implementation along with its ability to pull off some nice mild game-play.


OUR VERDICT: Diamond BV750
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Nice price point

Support multiple displays

good thermal performance

Low power consumption

Super quiet cooler

Runs most games quite well at medium/high settings

Simple card that offers a much needed solution

A bit more pricey than some other 7750 models

Performance can trail behind reference 7750 models on some apps

Summary: The Diamond BV750 offers an excellent low profile multiple display option with some nice graphics punch!. for this it earns the Bjorn3D Silver Bear Award

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  1. where can i find a standard size cover plate for this card so i can use both mini dp and dsm-59 to run 3 monitors

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