Supercharging Turing? RTX Goes SUPER! – NVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER & RTX 2060 SUPER Review

Nvidia RTX 2070 SUPER

The RTX 2070 SUPER packaging is exactly the same as all of the other RTX model cards, but with a SUPER badging next to the model.


Here we see the card uncovered and the fact that the SUPER card definitely is looking to stand out as the SUPER logo is Nvidia green. Also, the mid plate separating the dual axial fans is a bright chrome applique with the green SUPER logo emblazoned after the GPU model name.

Here is everything that comes in the box. the little accessory box is recessed into the lower carton foam and has a pull tab to retrieve it. Once inside you get the essentials.

  • 1x Displayport to DVI Adapter
  • 2x small manuals to help get you started

I will admit, Nvidia spared no expense as we know another quick start guide would work fine for RTX or even an all in one manual but Nvidia made manuals specific to the SUPER variant models.

Here we get our first view of the RTX 2070 SUPER. The mirror finish smooth chrome applique on the card feels a little overwhelming or even ‘too much’ but after having it on the bench for a bit it has admittedly grown on me. as you can see, anywhere there can be a SUPER logo, there is one on both the front and rear side. The RTX cards up to this point have been rather subdued as far as styling but the SUPER cards not only throw ALOT more green into the mix, it also goes for a high bling factor with the chrome accent.


Here you can see the rear I/O of the card and its bevy of connectors.

  • 3x Displayport
  • 1x HDMI 2.0b
  • 1x VirtualLink (USB Type C)

Now, this looks like standard fare with the exception of USB Type C… Well for those not in the know, this is for the new VirtualLink connection which will power next-gen VR HMD’s (Head Mounted Displays) and it will carry not only power but the display/data connection all through a single cable. This means a much easier plugin for future VR headsets vs the multiple connections needed for current-gen headsets with Oculus needing 4-6 cables to have everything connected including sensors.


The power for the RTX 2070 SUPER is fed by an 8-Pin and a 6-pin PCIe power connector as it now employs a TU-104 GPU and built up a bit heftier of an appetite.


Here you can see with the NVLink connector, on 2070, which I’m sure will make many people happy to have a more affordable (I use that term loosely here) RTX option for multi GPU.

Now let’s take a look at the update to the entry to RTX, the RTX 2060 SUPER.

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