Supercharging Turing? RTX Goes SUPER! – NVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER & RTX 2060 SUPER Review


Overclocking the GTX 2000 Series cards are very similar to 10 series but there have been some improvements in how the boost works in version 4 over version 3 which was on Pascal. We discussed this earlier in the features section.

The RTX 2070 SUPER is up first to be put under the fire. the GPU reached a steady state boost clock of 1890MHz, and manually overclocking the GPU I got it to +135 with power target maxxed at 121%. This resulted in a steady state clock of 2025MHz and a top thermal reading of 72-73C where it would fluctuate back and forth.

The memory at stock is 7001MHz or 14,002MHz effective. We were able to get the RTX 2070 SUPER to +855 to achieve 7856MHz which is an effective clock of 15,712MHz

Time Spy showed a graphics score increase of a little over 8% with the overclock. Time Spy Extreme showed a slightly under 8% increase in graphics score.


The RTX 2060 SUPER is next up on the torture bench to see how far we can push the new little TU-106.  The GPU stock has a steady state clock of between 1800 through 1830. The boost algorithm means it fluctuates regularly and at max loaded temp it hovers between 1800 – 1815 – 1830 MHz. Bumping the power limit to 123% we were able to get the GPU to a stable +155MHz. This resulted in a steady state GPU clock of 2010 through 2040MHz. it had the same fluctuation just higher this time to 1800 – 1815 – 1830 MHz.

Next up is the new 8GB framebuffer on the RTX 2060 SUPER. It starts out just like the 2070 SUPER with a default speed of 7001MHz or 14,002MHz effective. We were able to achieve a stable +1050on the memory which resulted in an 8056MHz clock or an effective memory speed of 16,112MHz. This is a very good result and holds up to our previous experience with the TU-106 and its memory controller being very good.

Time Spy shows a gain of almost 11% with the overclock in graphics score. Time Spy Extreme shows a gain of 11% as well which is a nice gain overall.

Now when looking back at the previous charts in this review, we can see that with overclocking the RTX 2070 SUPER can displace the RTX 2080 FE easily and at one hell of a savings. The RTX 2060 SUPER with overclock can now easily surpass the 1080 Ti and get close to the TITAN Xp level performance.

The new SUPER model cards really can perform and I look forward to the RTX 2080 SUPER to see exactly what it brings to the table.

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