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Fractal Design Meshify S2 – Meshify Gets a Define S2 Mash-Up

Test Rig

For the test platform, we went with the Intel 8700K on the MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC. The operating system is Windows 10 Pro X64. We test with CPU and GPU stresses to ensure the case cooling is adequate to ensure a good experience

Test Rig
Case Type Fractal Design Meshify S2
CPU Intel Core i7 8700K (Amazon)
Motherboard MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC
RAM 16GB (2x8GB) Geil Super Luce RGB 3600MHz memory
CPU Cooler Scythe Fuma Rev. B
Hard Drives Sandisk 256GB M.2
GPU MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z
Monitor ASUS PG27AQ 4K 60Hz GSYNC (Amazon)
Case Fans 3 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 140mm Cooling fans
Testing PSU Enermax Platimax D.F. 1050

Note – we received a commission on any purchases made via any Amazon-link here.

Testing Observations

The system was placed under sustained load for 1.5hrs and a combination of system diodes and manual thermal probes were used to document temperatures throughout the run.

The GPU is a brand new unit and something I was not expecting was that the card runs Zero Frozr which keeps the fans off until reaching 60C. The card idles at 27C and under load, the GPU is guaranteed to hit 60C due to Zero Frozr but did not exceed 63C and averaged 59.5C during the 1.5hr run.

The CPU idled at 25C and under full stress and the card pumping heat into the case we saw a maximum temp of 77C but average was 68.7C which is well within safe temps for full loading at 1.5hr.

A thermal sensor within the case documented the ambient temperature inside the chassis as the components were under load. Idle the ambient was logged at 28C and at peak hit up to 43C. The average ambient within the case chamber was 41.6 at the end of the 1.5hr run.

Mosfet temperature was observed at idle of 22C while under sustained load we saw a peak of 56C and the average during the run was 53.3C

The acoustics of the entire system was not even audible unless setting your head against the chassis. The 140mm stock fans in the case do a good job of moving air while not really making an audible fuss while doing so.

Final Thoughts

How to sum up the Meshify S2, well I think I did a good enough job in the intro in fact. It is a Define S2 with a Meshify styled front.

If you like the Define S2’s features and yearn for the Meshifyventilationn and styling this just may be the chassis for you. Now let’s discuss how we can score this.

 Value: 8.0

This is a tough one as the Meshify S2 is launching at the same MSRP as the R6 or the Define S2. Both of these are stellar cases with the S2 being the namesake and 95% or more of the Meshify S2 which we are judging. The thing for me is that there are some trade-offs which I already mentioned when going with the Meshify S2. First is connectivity you lose two USB type-A ports on the top I/O area. Also with the Meshify S2 unlike the R6 or the Define S2 Fractal decided to affix the I/O to the front panel which means you cannot simply remove it and set it aside during assembly or maintenance.

Performance: 9.0

The case performed well and delivered temperatures which are very good and among the top we have seen. The Meshify S2 should be able to even in its stock configuration with adequate coolers affixed be able to handle any system you can realistically fit inside.

Innovation: 8.0

Fractal did not reinvent the wheel here as they effectively took the Define S2 body and created a Meshify styled front panel to affix to it. IT is still a fine case with great features but nothing we really have not seen before.

Quality: 9.0

Quality goes without saying, as we have come to expect from fractal on a higher end unit offers excellent rigidity and a solid overall core for a build.


Closing statement:

Fractal Design has taken their popular Define S2 and put a Meshify front end on it. Creating a definitive liquid cooling friendly chassis option in the Meshify S2.



Pros Cons
  • Excellent liquid cooling support
  • Thoughtful layout
  • great ventilation
  • 3x included 140mm fans
  • rear cable management is a breeze
  • More front I/O would be preferred
  • Front panel I/O plate permanents affixed to the removable panel
  • Price can be a concern for some with the omission of connectivity


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