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Corsair Force LE 480GB TLC SSD Review (PN# CSSD-F480GBLEB)

Corsair Force LE 480GB TLC SSD, A Closer Look

Featuring the world renowned Corsair Black scheme, the Force LE 480GB TLC SSD will inconspicuously set in your chassis effectively revving up your computer’s speed (compared to platter drives).

Featuring a standard SATA 3 6Gb/s interface, the SATA 3 interface is really the speed limit on SATA SSD’s. Newer M.2 and NVME drives can far exceed the speed of SATA 3, as the older standard is limited to around 560MB/s. Theoretically, speeds could be higher, but due to overhead data transaction costs, the real speed tops out at about 560MB/s.

The back of the Corsair Force LE has the semi-standard label with capacity, part number and certifications and warnings. The back also shows the standard SATA connector. On a side note, SATA is still the most common connector and especially in laptops the predominate connector. We have seen newer more expensive models of laptops with M.2 interfaces which are a long overdue laptop feature.

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