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Final Thoughts & Conclusion

During our extensive testing of the ADATA SP550 M.2 drive, we found it to be a well-rounded SSD and it lived up to our expectations. While in some of the tests we were not able to replicate the exact numbers provided by ADATA , they were within the margin of error that could be attributed to the test environment/system. However, there were some where we noticed about average results. When you consider the form factor and uses of these drives we feel that they would meet or exceed the user’s expectations without breaking the bank. Furthermore, if your system has two or more M.2 ports, we feel that these would yield surprising performance when placed in a RAID array.

We managed to find this exact drive on Amazon for $69.99, which for a 240GB SLC SSD is quite respectable. We remember that it wasn’t very long ago when SSDs were over a dollar a gig, so it is nice that with the lower costs ADATA makes something like the SP550 which also comes in a 2.5 inch drive SATA configuration to fit all builds or upgrades. Because of that, ADATA SP550 earns not only the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award but also the Bjorn3D Best Bang for the Buck Award.

Small Form Factor

Excellent performance


Can be used in other applications like laptops, Ultrabooks and some tablets

Low energy use

Also available in 2.5inch variety

No mounting hardware

M.2 Storage is not available on all motherboards

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