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Thermaltake Riing 12 LED RGB LED Radiator Fan (3 Fan Pack)(P/N: CL-F042-PL12SW-B)

Riing Fan Lighting


We set the Riing fans on RGB and took some shots of them to show you the color variations. Obviously we can’t cover all 256 colors. The conditions we were using are late afternoon light in a dark room with no flash and the DSLR set to night photos. Notice the rings are visible from 360┬░ and when cranked up to high RPMs the fans remained whisper quiet.


The fans are a standard 120mm in size and have noise dampening pads on the corners which aid in preventing vibration. You will notice some sections lit up in Red, Green or Blue, the composite colors used to create the 256 color palette. The little flashes of RGB color add to the effect rather than detract from it.


The rated speeds on these beauties are between 800 and 1500 RPM and they use a high pressure fan blade especially designed for radiators which also makes for an excellent case fan. Air pressure runs from between 0.57 ~ 2.01 mm-H20 and for non geek speak people if you put your hand in front of them they put out a good amount of air and at a good pressure.


Bordering on purple, this plum color is a color almost unknown to radiator and case fans. Notice the red trails at the bottom right corner of each fan, the trail acts like a highlight for the selected color. Now as far as air flow goes you will have between 22.14 ~ 40.6 CFM, so these aren’t air tearing loud 90 CFM fans, but the static pressure is high enough to effectively cool radiators or flush heat from a chassis.


Fading to a yellow color the red and green highlights show, and this particular color isn’t our favorite, but we have 255 left to choose from. Noise will run from 18.6 ~ 26.4dBA, which is below the noise in a quiet library so you should enjoy at least 25,000 hours of blissful silence (the rated lifespan).


This shot shows a lime green which is testament to the fans’ flexible RGB color controller. We flipped through the fans’ software and it seemed like an endless supply of color choices. The fans run off a set of hydraulic bearings which is a fairly common, low-noise solution, but Thermaltake must have sprinkled some of that magic Thermaltake dust on these because they were especially silent.


Now here’s our favorite color of all 256 – purple. The purple is just unusual for computers that usually end up red or blue, and we are liking the color choices offered by the┬áThermaltake RGB Riing Fans. Never again will we have to go out of pocket to change the motif of our chassis, just a few clicks and we have a totally different look.

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