Corsair: ML120 PRO LED White 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan

A Closer Look

Lets start with a short Corsair Video then move on into the closer look.

It’s just a short 53 second video so take a quick look at it and the next part will make more sense. We’ve known about magnetic levitation for years. Bullet trains use it to float above the rails and reduce rail friction allowing them to reach incredible speeds at great energy savings. Corsair has taken this technology and applied it to fans so the bearings actually levitate having no contact with the fan blade itself and that’s revolutionary.

Corsair_ML120 Pro LED_2

Here’s our bevy of fans received in good condition, well packed and protected by smartly designed packaging that has enough information to help the consumer decide about the purchase.

Corsair_ML120 Pro LED_3

Interior packaging shows a bright yellow color with enough padding to protect the fans but not add additional costs to shipping.

Corsair_ML120 Pro LED_4

Shown on a white background and having white accents we decided to break from the norm and go with a colored background for better contrast.

Corsair_ML120 Pro LED_5

There we go that shows the fan much better, the corners are interchangeable and you can order and switch out to whatever color corner you want. Mounted to rubber noise and vibration dampers the corners are as state of the art for noise and vibration dampening as we’ve ever seen. This is a much better design than rubber plugs you try to shove through a fan mount and stretch it hoping it doesn’t break.

We were a bit shocked when we found the LEDs mounted to the center hub and not the frame like most LEDS. The colors don’t just leak out t you but are a high intensity that will make your case glow with light and draw the attention of anyone around.

Corsair_ML120 Pro LED_6

Each fan gets 4 mounting screws and two wire tie downs, we appreciate the tie downs as they kept us from scrambling to find tie downs and may be a small but highly appreciated addition to the Corsair ML120 PRO LED White 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fans.

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