Patriot Viper Elite 3000 MHz 16GB (2x8GB) kit


The first benchmark program we will be running is the venerable SiSoft Sandra, a benchmark software package that we at Bjorn3D often like to use.

Sisoft Sandra Memory Bandwidth

Surprisingly, SiSoft Sandra has the Patriot Viper Elite kit scoring at the top of our list for memory bandwidth; it scored 35.58GB/s (Non-OC) and 37.37BG/s (OC) Integer and we recorded a 35.92BG/s (No-OC) and 37.7GB/s (OC) Float. In the memory bandwidth test you want to see higher numbers, since this means higher performance.

Sisoft Sandra Latency

In this next test we will examine the latency of the Viper Elite using the Sandra Memory Latency benchmark. In this test lower results are better, and with the stock settings we recorded a respectable 19.42ns, and when overclocked the number dropped to 19.17ns.

Sisoft Sandra Memory Cache

The final SiSoft Sandra test measures the Cache Bandwidth, and in this test the higher the scores the better. In this test we measured 195.07GB/s at stock XMP settings and 199.27GB/s when overclocked to 3200 MHz.

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  1. Wow $75 for a 2x8gb kit. I would’ve killed for that recently!

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