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Corsair Strafe RGB Silent

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Corsair is one of those tech companies that when they announce a new product, they do not like to play it safe. No, instead it is a company that throughout the research and development processes involves gamers and enthusiasts from start to finish, which allows them to make calculated risks and push the boundaries. The Strafe RGB Silent shows this. We found that the design of the Strafe RGB Silent was incredibly well thought out and we enjoyed Corsair’s decision to feature replaceable contoured keys that allow you to easily tell what key your finger is on for your favorite game without having to look.


Using the new Cherry MX Silent mechanical switches was an absolute joy. During our testing we played several games and found the switches to be responsive and quiet enough that we couldn’t hear them when wearing headphones. Teamspeak was not picking up the noise from the switches that we have experienced in the past on other switches. So Corsair’s decision to utilize the new Cherry MX silent switches was a very smart move. They have become this user’s favorite since we get the best mechanical switch technology without the entire “click, click, click” noise.

Overall, the Strafe RGB Silent is a masterpiece of gaming perfection. We found it available for sale on Amazon for $147.80. Considering the features, construction, software interface and quality, we award it our top award, the Golden Bear Award, and recommend that you strongly consider the Strafe RGB Silent if you’re looking for a top-notch mechanical gaming keyboard.


  • Interchangeable key caps
  • CUE Enabled
  • Textured keys
  • USB pass through
  • Cherry MX Silent switches
  • RGB lighting
  • Configurable WIN lock
  • No dedicated media controls
  • Flimsy palm rest

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