IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming IKON Gaming Keyboard (GKB703L)

IOGEAR IKON Gaming Keyboard Testing

As with any mouse and keyboard review a big part of it is subjective but after 30 plus years of handling keyboards and indeed all components we are usually pretty spot on with our evaluations.

We used the IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming IKON Gaming Keyboard for about a month giving us plenty of time to get a handle on it. During that time we found it to be pretty comfortable with a tactile response that was quieter than mechanical but simulates the tactile feedback. It takes some getting used to using key shortcuts to change things but after a while we found that keystroke (FN + Key) kept us inside the game and not backing out to adjust an external controlling program. By the same token we would have liked to see some form of external adjustment program to give greater control.

Gaming was pretty normal at the end of a month but the lack of raised bumps on the WASD were a handicap. With no programmable macro solution you have to work a little harder but in the price bracket the IKON is in we are satisfied with its amenities for the most part.


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